Fashion’s Game Changers: Brands and Designers that Revolutionized the Industry

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The fashion industry is never one to stand still. Throughout its colourful and dynamic history, it has seen many game-changing designers, brands and movements that have revolutionised the face of fashion around the world. Through their bold statements and innovative designs, these groundbreaking names have pushed fashion forward unlike ever before. From Coco Chanel to Alexander Wang, these fashion game changers have left a lasting and indelible mark on the industry. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the key figures and labels that have redefined fashion as we know it.

1. The Origins of Revolution: A Look at Fashion’s Game Changers

Popular culture is rife with icons and icons come with an air of revolution. While it’s no surprise we turn to icons within the world of fashion for inspiration, it’s worth noting the true power of revolution that certain styles have possessed. From decades-old trends to new innovators, these key game changers deserve recognition for their ability to turn heads – and inspire generations.

    Here are some of fashion’s top revolutionists:

  • Coco Chanel: Chanel’s style made waves when she emerged in the early 1900s as the champion of women’s sartorial emancipation, introducing us to the little black dress, freeing women from corsets and restrictive clothing.
  • The Mod Movement: The Mods made an appearance in the 1960s and brought a new attitude to the scene. With their custom tailored pieces, offering the short hemlines, loud prints, and bold colors, they made a firm statement that the era was one of revolution.
  • The Rise of Street Style: Recently, it is the bold and eclectic street style that has made history as the forefront of fashion. From sneakers to bucket hats to athleisure, street style offers new and modern ways to express yourself – discouraging tradition and advocating for creativity.
  • Yeezy: Kanye West’s introduction of Yeezy in 2015 made a long lasting impact. His line often focuses heavily on athleisure and highlighting the beauty in neutrals. The clothing boasts a great amount of comfort while still carrying an influential edge.

The fashion industry is full of great fashion icons. But it is the figures that revolutionize that deserve recognition. Fashion can be an effective way to create a statement and assert a unique stance and generate discussion amongst people. It is within this spirit of revolution that these names are worthy of celebration for their role in the ever-evolving state of fashion.

The power of fashion clearly remains a core source of revolution, giving people the platform to make a statement and be heard. It’s with the work of these iconic figures that we are able to make history and continually push the boundaries.

2. Pioneers of Change: Brands Leading the Way

As the battle cry for environmental responsibility grows louder, more and more brands are taking action to ensure their business practises are sustainable. From using eco-friendly materials to developing energy-saving solutions, these iconic companies are leading the way in conservation.

Patagonia: Founded in 1973, this outdoorwear company has long been a champion of sustainability, donating 1% of its annual sales funds to environmental causes. Not to mention, their entire collection is made from eco-friendly materials, recycled plastics and post-consumer waste. With their Craig Mathews Blue Heart Campaign, they’re striving to protect the last wild rivers of Europe.

REI: Outdoor recreation has a commitment to protecting the beautiful places we love to explore. REI takes it one step further by offering products that are made from renewable and recycled materials, and they’ve promised to double their investments in sustainable materials and energy-saving initiatives by 2020. By 2021, they’ve also committed to eliminating single-use plastic from their business operations.

Estée Lauder: This illustrious brand is doing more than creating eco-friendly packaging for its products. They are investing in their people, the planet, and their products to ensure their operations are both sustainable and socially conscious. Through their “Sustainability” program, the iconic brand is helping to reduce their impact and build sustainable solutions.

Unilever: The leading global consumer goods company has recently committed to sourcing 100% of their agricultural raw materials sustainably and making their products with 100% renewable electrical energy by 2030. This 13 year plan is part of the global company’s Sustainable Living Plan, which focuses on creating positive social and environmental impacts.

Apple: Since their founding in 1976, this innovative company has been a pioneer in the development of clean energy. They’ve committed to powering their facilities completely with renewable energy and have set an ambitious target to become “carbon neutral” by 2030. Additionally, they’ve made strides to reduce their reliance on non-renewable resources, minimise their waste, and create sustainable product packaging.

3. Style Iconoclast: Reinventing the Concept of Fashion

What defines fashion and style? Is it the designer label you wear? The cut and fit of a certain outfit? Or is it something more — the idea that you can be original and unique? We believe it is the latter, and that’s exactly what the concept of ‘style iconoclast’ stands for.

Style iconoclasts are the innovators. They cannot be restrained by societal expectations of what we “should” wear. They are fearlessly creative, embracing a range of fashion styles— from muted pastels to an unexpected mix-and-match of prints.

So what does it mean to ‘reinvent the concept of fashion’? It is about an enhanced awareness of personal style. It is an acknowledgement that how we dress can be an expression of our courage, individuality, and creativity.

In those moments, we are styled by our own hand — and that is the essence of being a style iconoclast.

Style iconoclasts:

  • Elevate fashion to a form of self-expression.
  • Have no limits or boundaries when it comes to expressing their style.
  • Feel unyielding to societal norms and pressure to look “perfect”.
  • Truly don’t care what others think — and instead, focus on feeling comfortable and confident in their own skin.

At the end of the day, there is no single definition of style. Each of us has our own individual form of expression and that is exactly what makes it so beautiful.

4. From the Designers to the Streets: How Game Changers Made Their Mark

When it comes to making a splash in the world of fashion, it’s the game changers that turn heads. But what actually makes a game changer? It’s their personal style, their risk taking, and their ability to innovate. Here’s a look at how these innovative minds made their mark.

Designer Indie Brands
It’s no secret that the digital age has been a major boon for the fashion world. Creative indie designers can quickly launch their collections with low overhead costs and reach a global customer base. A few of the game changers in this arena include:

  • Daniel Peddle of Peddle NYC made his mark by creating never-before-seen menswear pieces – bold and daring designs that spoke to the modern man.
  • Megan Pesce of Pesce NYC left the corporate fashion world to start her own line dedicated to ‘slow fashion’. Her sustainable and ethical approach to fashion production has given her a global following.
  • Jessica Jooff of J Jooff Jewelry left the world of investment banking to put her own signature on vintage-inspired accessories.

These indie designers provide fashion inspiration and style that can’t be denied.

Street Style
When it comes to true style game changers, there’s one place that leads the pack – the street. Urban fashion is often ahead of the curve in terms of trends. Here are a few top innovators in street style:

  • Leandra Medine Cohen, the founder of Man Repeller, is renowned for her bold wardrobe choices and playful style. She’s always pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion.
  • Highsnobiety’s BobbyHundreds is a street style leader who’s ahead of the curve when it comes to sneakers, sneakers, and more sneakers. He’s played a major role in helping to turn sneakers into fashion statements.
  • Morgan Thee Merchant, of the blog 2 Hungry Gyals, can often be found combing vintage stores for unique pieces to add to her eccentric wardrobe. Her colorful, creative looks are appreciated around the world.

From designer indie brands to street style game changers, it’s easy to see that fashion is constantly evolving. With new innovations and exciting ideas, these risk takers are pushing the boundaries of style.

Revolutionizing fashion is no easy feat yet brands and designers have shown us what’s possible with their innovative approaches. From the iconic Chanel to the contemporary Supreme, these brands have paved the way for what’s to come in the fashion industry. As we have seen, these game changers challenged the status quo while keeping fashionistas on their toes. We can only imagine where fashion will be next, but one thing is for sure: its future is bright!


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