Fashion for All: Inclusive Brands and Size-Inclusive Fashion Recommendations


From fabulous plus-size fashion to apparel specifically designed for differently-abled individuals, the movement to provide fashionable clothing for everyone is gaining serious momentum. This article looks at the initiatives of various inclusive brands, as well as popular size-inclusive fashion recommendations, that everyone can enjoy. Read on to find out more!

1. Celebrating Inclusivity in Fashion

Fashion has long been an evolving field that reinforces ideals of self-expression, breaking free from dress codes, and examining our culture through the stories we tell with clothing. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on celebrating and empowering individuals for who they are through fashion, regardless of gender, race, and size. Here are some ways the fashion industry is embracing inclusivity:

  • Pushing for Gender Neutrality – More and more brands are focusing on creating collections that move away from gender binary stereotypes and focus on the individual’s own unique style.
  • Normalizing All Body Types – The industry is taking steps to make sure clothing in all sizes is available and prioritizing the acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.
  • Embracing Diversity – The fashion industry is making a positive effort to feature models with diverse skin tones, backgrounds, and abilities.

These steps towards inclusivity in fashion are important, particularly for youth and adolescents as they seek to create their personal styles. As the industry normalizes different body types, gender expression, and skin colors, it is hoped that young people can feel beautiful and confident in their clothing.

On an even deeper level, fashion can provide a voice to marginalized communities. Designers such as Edward Blake, whose work integrates African and Caribbean culture, provide a chance for diversity to be celebrated and connected to. In terms of cultural apparel, many individuals of color have chosen to embrace their roots by wearing traditional clothing that can be used to express their pride.

Despite the long path ahead, it is encouraging to see initiatives that promote inclusivity in the fashion industry. As the industry shifts, it continues to provide more opportunities for self-expression and celebration of diversity.

2. Unlocking the Unrestrained Beauty of Size-Inclusive Brands

There’s no denying that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. To not take all shapes and sizes into account in the fashion industry is leaving too much of the beauty in the world out of the spotlight. Thankfully, with the rise of size-inclusive brands, we can now celebrate all kinds of beauty.

From plus-increments to petite measurements, size inclusive brands are answering today’s call for diversity. Such brands are no longer just one-size-fits-all, and instead they define beauty on its own terms. You can find some awesome pieces that are let you express your style at any size.

A great part of embracing size-inclusive brands is that it allows for more flexibility. With extended sizes, you can enjoy sweatpants that reach the ankles even if you’re tall, or find a maxi dress that fits right even if you’re shorter. Not to mention that you needn’t worry about stressing over finding clothes for special occasions like proms, weddings, or other events where you need garments that make you look your best.

These size-inclusive brands offer much-needed options that give style to everyone. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Universal Standard provides stylish clothing pieces in sizes from 0 to 32.
  • ELOQUII produces gorgeous pieces up to size 28.
  • Good American manufactures denim for all body sizes from 0 to 24.
  • Fashion to Figure offers sizes 12-24 for trend-led fashion.

Size-inclusive brands build a diverse and confident image for people of all shapes and sizes. Let’s keep celebrating body diversity and empower each other to love our bodies, just as they are.

3. Trendsetting Tips to Embrace the Body You Have

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make tweaks and changes to your body, but it’s important to remember to love your body as it is, too. Here are three trendsetting tips that will help you embrace the curves, wrinkles, and unique features that make up the body you have.

  • Create positive affirmations. Create affirmations for yourself that focus on the body you have and pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. Remind yourself of all the amazing features that make you unique and how you feel when you accept yourself.
  • Wear what you love. Have fun with fashion and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. It doesn’t matter what the latest trends and styles are — wear what you love without regret.
  • Embrace your age. Don’t compare yourself to younger people. Age is a privilege but it can also be seen as a burden when you’re constantly worrying about looking “younger”. Age with grace and wisdom without sacrificing your own sense of style and self-confidence.

Surround yourself with positive influences and people who can inspire and motivate you to embody the body you have with confidence and grace. The journey to learning to love your body won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Finally, it’s important to remember that self-confidence isn’t something that’s achieved overnight. Self-love takes time, and everyone is on their own journey to self-acceptance. You have to be patient and kind to yourself, and remember that loving the body you have doesn’t happen overnight.

4. Designing a Look That’s Authentically You

No two people’s style is exactly alike, so expressing your unique look doesn’t have to be difficult! That being said, here are four steps to help you design a look that’s authentically you.

  • Start with the basics: In the world of fashion, your outfit’s foundation should always come from items that you feel comfortable and confident in. Find separates that you can mix-and-match with ease for ultimate versatility.
  • Express yourself: To make your look stand out, try to add something that shows off your personality. This could be a bold statement necklace, a graphic tee, or a patterned scarf. The statement piece can be any item you want, so pick something that you love to wear and that best expresses who you are.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try new trends! If you come across something that you like but don’t feel completely ready to commit to, get creative and find a way to make the look your own. You might even find that you add something new to your wardrobe and create a look that’s authentically you.
  • Have confidence: There’s nothing more fashionable than feeling great about the way you dress. So be bold and rock your outfit with confidence — no matter what anyone else thinks!

By taking the time to incorporate all these elements, you’ll be able to create a look that is tailored to your life and style. After all, fashion should be fun and a reflection of what makes you unique — whatever that may be.

Fashion should be accessible for all—not just a select group of people. It’s time for us to disrupt an industry that has historically excluded anyone that doesn’t fit into archaic sizing standards to make the world of fashion a more inclusive space. With more size-inclusive brands and fashion recommendations, we can finally make fashion for all.


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