Nait Aupe Agreement


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    The Nait Aupe Agreement is an agreement between the Canadian government and the Nait Aupe First Nation. Signed in 2019, the agreement is a historic moment for the Nait Aupe people, as they have been working towards this agreement for over 20 years.

    The agreement recognizes the Nait Aupe First Nation`s ownership and jurisdiction over their traditional lands and resources. The Nait Aupe First Nation will receive $150 million in funding over 10 years, which will be used for various initiatives, including economic development, education, health care, and housing.

    The agreement also provides for the creation of a co-management board to oversee the protection and management of the Nait Aupe First Nation`s lands, waters, and resources. The co-management board will consist of representatives from the Nait Aupe First Nation, the federal government, and the provincial government.

    The Nait Aupe Agreement is an important step towards reconciliation between the Canadian government and Indigenous peoples. It demonstrates the government`s commitment to recognizing Indigenous rights and supporting Indigenous self-determination.

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